Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Catalog Excerpt, Multiple Exposures

So pleased to share an excerpt from Mark Alice Durant's essay for the beautiful catalog publication:

Multiple Exposures Jewelry and Photography, Ursula Ilse-Neuman,
Officina Libraria in collaboration with The Museum Of Arts And Design, New York 2014
Lost Lenses and Orphaned Apertures, Apparatus Transformed, Mark Alice Durant, pg. 196 -
"The cyanotype process is one of photography's earliest incarnations. This anachronistic medium produces images of ghostly shapes surrounded by radiant blues that are so otherworldly compared to the hard-edged contrasts of black and white that the process has never really gone out of fashion. Whether manifesting in necklace, brooch, or wall-piece forms, Thea Clark's work combines shaped pink plastic and cyanotype imagery in a unique hybrid of structure and image, the contemporary and the archaic, the organic and the architectural. Her Root Pendant, for example suggests a kind of living Eiffel Tower that thrusts upward toward the neck and head of the wearer while finger-like roots stretch down to the lower regions of the body. Interlocking cyanotype imagery encircles the pendant, interrupted by a pink stitching that has attached itself to the pattern like a virus. Ideas of identity, health, secrets, and sources of power resonate from this association of forms and materials. Like much of Clark's work, Root Pendant is a deceptively simple miniature ecosystem of organic and cultural references."

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