Friday, July 25, 2014

First This Way Then That

Some ideas percolate, others come unannounced. Churning over new terrains and materials, pumped to "move on", it seems the ones I have most recently been handling aren't ready to be retired.

Here in time to be part of an upcoming group show is"Somehow Connected"

Also  "thinking of Meret or vessel for  the new disasters"

Others not necessarily slated for the show, one almost complete is a "weapon", while in the studio a larger piece waits for me to get back to finish is an "instrument",  both part of this group, "For the New Disasters".

Meanwhile I read a short story that took me right back to my youth in San Francisco during the early uncertain and paranoid years of the AIDS crisis. This of course leads to memories of the AIDS quilt a powerful fusion of mourning, art, and activism.

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