Sunday, January 19, 2014

Headed to Houston

Well all the work is off, including display elements some made with special sewing help from my local friend, fiber artist Susan Brauner. Someday the most recent pieces will have their pictures taken by a better photographer than I am, but in the mean time

Cyan Breast Plate, 2014 wood, silver, cyanotyoe on silk, tinted plastic.

This piece shifted as it came, I am happier with it finished than I was with the sketch. The breast plate connection became apparent as it progressed and wasn't a starting point, the subconscious to the rescue. Of course I have seen many images of Native American protective breast plates, but not recently. How to explore associations with maleness  in the cyanotype imagery and the overall forms of these last two additions, followed an intuitive process after much consideration. After enough thought it becomes time to trust the hands.

I am extremely excited to follow the work to Houston to attend the opening on 1/31. While I am there I will speak at Glassell School of Art on 1/30 to Sandra Zilker's advanced jewelry students. First time in Texas and I can't wait.

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