Thursday, December 12, 2013

Come in Houston

Just around the corner is Cyan Silhouettes at the Houston Center of Contemporaary Craft

Two artists with work that utilize the early photographic process of Cyanotype. I am finishing up two new pieces for this show and working on the display details in preparation.

The works of mine are from my Fluidity and Form Series. The new works have been a very interesting process, because I have had to dig around to uncover a new approach to the cyanotype imagery. It has been important to me that I am not repeating what I have done before which would be simply a decorative variation of the previous work. The imagery had to move the ideas of the series forward. It took me longer than I thought to get that eureka moment that felt like a genuine advancement. Even within the modest production of two new works there has been stumbling, until an unfruitful direction lead to the right path. I have found this before, that it is just after these creative dead ends that lead to a breakthrough that the breakthrough is often a bigger source of inspiration and inquiry. It is a good refreshed feeling.

I have been researching more artists using cyanotype  in their works and will post some images soon. Meanwhile, wood shop inspiration photos are what started my thought process that lead to the new imagery.

I spent time in the wood shop during my residency at the Vermont Studio Center in June, and continued on with work I started there in the shop in the visual arts department of the camp I taught at later in the summer.

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