Friday, June 14, 2013

Not following the Plan

The thing about a 2 week residency is at first is seems like a huge amount of time until you start. Day by day awareness of the "Plan" creeps in, a sense of urgency replacing the romantic ideal of uninterrupted time. The "plan" to execute, complete, to have something to show for the effort and sacrifice.

I have added the additional task of working in unfamiliar scale, and materials.
There has been a lot of reconsidering, pushing back against the "plan". So here is some cyanotype on the wall . Why not ?

The right piece is on cotton. It was overexposed. I haven't done this so far north before and I overcompensated. I still like the quality of suggestion . The left side is on silk which technically. I could have left in the sun s little longer, but i
am happy about the contrast between them. Pins and thread have been added and a bit of newspaper text.

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