Thursday, March 28, 2013

Post Panic or Lost and Found

How do you create? Do you stand in your creating space, finding bits and pieces that seem to want be part of a whole?

I do that.

Do you sketch ideas then shape your materials into a version of your initial vision?

I do that too.

If you sketch then you may understand the horrible feeling of losing your sketchbook. Part of the sadness comes from thinking how could I have forgotten something so important to me, almost like leaving the baby on the bus! This is exactly how I felt last week when I realized I had "lost" several sketchbooks.

Many of the ideas I sketch are just that, they may or may not lead to the making of an object. Plus I remember almost everything in these books. The ideas are still in their original brain file as it were. So lost is relative,  but still I don't like it.

Days felt like weeks as I turned my home inside out searching. Did I do the unthinkable and accidently throw them out? Sadness crept it, a sad acceptance, " I may never see them again". More days, more looking, then true acceptance, " Okay I'll just re-draw the ideas that are really important to me. I can live without the others". A few more days after the panic is gone when I am comfortable that my ideas and creations are always with me, a single image is unlocked from its file, the last unchecked place after full certainty that all places were checked...and there they are nestled in a backpack.

Not a life and death issue, but I did reconfirm that panic renders me useless while moving forward is its own reward.

Here is a sketch of a work in progress. The part on the left is made using wood, epoxy resin, acrylic paint, steel ball chain, & silk thread. The part on the left is wood, found plastic, acrylic paint, nickel silver & auto paint. The top is a cut section of cotton karate belt. I am not sure yet if the length will stay long enough to avoid a clasp.  Jewelry is when art meets the mechanics of wearability.

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