Friday, November 9, 2012

Rust and Ruins

I feel a bit guilty celebrating my power and heat returning eight days after Hurricane Sandy blew herself  into our lives here on the east coast of North America. There are still more than
380,000 people without power in New Jersey alone.

If you wish to donate to relief efforts the Red Cross is here. Some people have criticized the speed of the organization's response to some areas effected. The damage was so wide spread it is hard to imagine everyone getting the help they need and deserve at precisily the same time. I still think it is a reliable way contribute. There are on the ground volunteer efforts that can be sourced online easily if you are local and have the time and ability to get yourself to the various shuttle locations.

The Quick and the Deep completed October 2012 and sent to the show "Rust Never Sleeps" which opened on October 29th the day Hurricane Sandy hit. It is part of a group of work that is influenced by our relationship to weather. I was referencing the East Coast's last big hurricane Irene a year ago August and the surreal October ice storm of 2011, but the world keeps warming and these catastrophic events are clearly on the rise. Who would have expected so much so soon. Time to get serious politicians, business people, property owners who don't want to ruin their million dollar ocean view with a 20 foot sand dune so now they and their neighbors without views have to rebuild their homes and communities.
Good design, good engineering to protect from future weather threats, but crucially policy change, worldview change are needed while long overdue. Hurricane Sandy I believe has gotten our collective attention, now what next?

If anyone is in the Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania area and would enjoy some art therapy the show is open until November 20.

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