Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rectifying the Situation

Okay, pipe leak rectified! Some small parts of the studio are better organized as a result. Also out the door is the new piece (below) going to the exhibit "Rust Never Sleeps", wrapped in so many layers of packaging and double boxed that it should withstand a good fall, but hopefully it won't be tested with such abuse. Hear that United States Postal Service?

Another opportunity to rectify I am looking forward to, jeweler and New Jersey Metal Arts Guild coordinator Sylvia Taylor has assembled new tools (including the rectifier) and materials to have a go at electroforming, a process I have long wanted to try. My  interest was first piqued years ago when I saw Jamie Bennett's enameled pieces at Helen Drutt Gallery in Philadelphia. Electricity and caustic chemicals have never entered my comfort zone however and there aren't many studios that have the facilities to learn on.

She has invited myself and enamelists Anne Havel and Jennifer Jordan Parks to her studio to flip the switch and take notes. I'll post some images from the meeting.

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