Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Jewellery Talk" a film

Cristina Dias, a jeweler in a meet-up group I participate in sent this link to a film "Jewellery Talk" .

Here is what she said:
"In 2006 Daniela Hedman & Kajsa Lindberg took on the opportunity to travel around Europe and make an investigation about the field of contemporary jewellery. The suggestion came from Ruudt Peters, at that time their professor at √Ądellab/Metallformgivning, Konstfack Sweden.

They brought a camera with them to meet artists, teachers, gallerists and art historians to talk about the making, the selling, the educating, the dreaming and the future of contemporary jewellery.

With the finished film Jewellery Talk they wish to give you an insight into what was said." 

What do you relate to the most? Thoughts?

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