Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wrestling with New Works

 The exciting thing about an upcoming show is the deadline and all the work that inspires. Still there are some things that won't come by their due date. I have one piece that is on it's second incarnation, I even thought it was done, but now I'm not sure anymore. For some reason this has been a problem piece, going in different directions. demanding something else from me, not sure what. So no picture of that one for now.

I  took a snapshot of my neck/wall piece Hot Water, being worn ( top). Also a new piece, Root pendant
(middle) and an even newer piece with found plastic object Rampant (bottom). I hope the problem piece will get resolved before I pack up to drive to the Smithsonian Craft Show, I have ten days but lots of things to do.


mairedodd said...

best of luck thea - and if that piece doesn't resolve in time, perhaps it is waiting to be ready for something else? congratulations on your acceptance to the smithsonian show...

Thea Clark said...

So true. In fact to date, it refused the new direction so I will put it aside for a rest. The good part is I feel relieved to be done with the making so I can concentrate on all the other details of getting ready for a traveling show.