Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post show Report

The Freshest work at the show? By some standards*. I had a great time at the Smithsonian Craft Show, meeting wonderful artists, hearing people laugh out loud to my wearable wall piece "Hot Water", selling new multiples and one of a kind work. Although, some artists felt the show was less busy than last year and it did conflict with SOFA NY, which isn't desirable, I did pretty well for all new work and no mailing list.

*Edgy art can be polarizing with strong negative and positive responses. I was delighted by the range of comments to my work. Positive ones include: "Best of show, in my opinion and I go to a lot of these", "Really cool", "So creative", "It reminds me of Calder's work" etc. The other comments are not necessarily negative, some touch on the domestic subtext of my work,  mostly they made me laugh:

It reminds me of my mother's douchebag.

It looks so gynecological!

It disturbs me.



Here's the girlie table!

What IS it????

I just came up this row. I think this show is more art than craft so far.

This looks like my mouthguard!

It's very very... very very... eccentric!

I've never seen anything like THIS before!

They remind me of jacks.

This is FUNNNNKY stuff!!!!

I've got so much stuff around my house that it never occurred to me to dip it!

Oh, no wonder!!!! She comes from NEW JERSEY!!!!


It looks like yogurt dipped pretzels.

It looks like safety pins. I mean, paper clips.

He said: It looks like Pepto Bismol.
She said: Mmmm, not Pepto Bismol, more like Kaopectate!

Cyanotype: That's like Superman!

Do you just lie in bed and just think this stuff up?

You are in another world!

Are these numbers (prices) inventory numbers?

It looks like something my cat yurked up, but in a good way. I have a very creative cat.

I think the first and last comments are my favorites, let me know yours!


mairedodd said...

i love the nj comment and the one about laying in bed and thinking it up... i hope you said, 'why yes, some of my best ideas come to me when my mind is free and i am in that space at the end of my day where i can ALMOST hear myself think!'

so happy that the show went well... what an honor to be at the smithsonian...

Thea Clark said...

I said "I wish it were that easy" and I do!

Mary Lu said...

I also liked the Jersey comment (since I'm from Jersey too). And the one that said she should dip things around the house.

Thea Clark said...

"Here kitty, kitty"