Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Blend

Summer blend makes me think of the various ales and lagers that come out seasonally, something fresh and different to quench the thirst. My summer blend is of a different substance, a collaboration. It all started with the online call Co:operation Tableware on I was really excited about the idea of collaborating, however, I misread the fine print and thought two artists were suppose to work on something together, instead two artists are suppose to make two separate things that are used together, a fork and knife for instance.

Well, you know the old adage you see what you want to see. I approached Steven Grainger, a young Scottish artist I know from our summer gig, about the collaboration idea. He was up for it. Combining his text based inclinations and my plastic coated cyanotype images we have come to a happy summer blend and soon will be submitting a wall sculpture, albeit to a different show than originally intended. Image and description to follow soon. For now I leave you with a teaser, the name, "How I Learned to Love the Craving"

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