Monday, July 26, 2010

New Venues

Six Degrees, Thea Clark, brooch, 2010. New work for Gallery Loupe

Cyan Necklace, Thea Clark 2010, new work for Gallery Loupe.

New venues. This summer I am seeing the making of jewelry through children's eyes as I teach all summer in a green corner of the Catskills.

My new series "Fluidity and Form" examines identity and how we experience the changing self. The work incorporates cyanotype images or photograms captured on silk, which are the typical blue color of this process. Photographic images of pearls, chains, nests and circles relate to protection, domesticity, relationships, marriage, and nuturance.
These are combined with various mixed media, including pink plastic that serves to unify the structural strata. This pink and blue play on our deep-seated gender associations, anima animus, yin and yang, which are the undercurrents of the fluidity and form we call the self.

Contact in August for price and availability:

Gallery Loupe, 50 Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey, 07042, ph. 973.744.0061,

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