Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother and Maker

We create from who and what we are. The old adage to novice writers, "Write what you know", applies equally to makers "Make what you know". I was just honored by my family with breakfast in bed and a video card that made me cry on cue, for being a mother.

The role of mother has molded my identity as much as it has shaped my time. It has forever changed my relationship to the domestic sphere of life, colored by duel feelings of nurturing and obligation. It would be unnatural if these experiences didn't find expression in my work. Sometimes the influence is more subtle, like in the choice of materials. Other times it is more central to the theme of the work. Either way, being a mother is undeniably an influence. There may be times when I lament my time constraints or compare my output to those without similar demands, but ultimately I choose to honor this aspect of myself and by extension, all mothers who are also makers.


mairedodd said...

the sentiments that you express are ones that have become central to my life as well... having children is an immeasurable gift that comes with huge, heart given responsibility... while at times i feel these things come together, other times find me struggling with them as they each make demands upon me... for sometimes the muses cannot/will not be put off - and a child needs a ride to trumpet or help with homework! c'est la vie! thanks for sharing your feelings - i would love to get some women in the arts together to talk about it... congrats on the newark acceptances - i got one piece accepted myself!

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I share ALL of these feelings - you express it very well!