Friday, April 9, 2010

Bliss in Progress

As I play cat and mouse with larger scale work, what in the moment is inspiring me the most is a recent call at Luke and Eloy Gallery in Pittsburgh, "Domestic Bliss". I guess it touches a post feminist nerve in me.

I'm working on two pieces, incorporating images of domestic life with classic forms that represent innocence lost, in particular the" Broken Pitcher". I grew up in San Francisco where I saw William Aldolph Bourguereau's painting "Broken Pitcher" up close at the Palace of Fine Arts. This was in my formative years, a time when I could wonder what the hell did a broken pitcher have to do with lost virginity? Not to mention the forlorn expression of the young girl in the painting. So while I borrow the pitcher, my piece is not an expression of romanticism, disappointment or bewilderment, but an embrace of the change and experience that life offers. There is a bit of cynicism, but then I wouldn't be an authentic Gen X er without that now would I? Stay tuned for completed pics.

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