Saturday, February 6, 2010

Material Playtime

Needle felted into a wire wrapped form.

I started using Paper Clay to make forms to wrap wires around, I dissolve away the paper and needle felt into the interior. The material, while a bit messy, dries to a nice hard, lightweight consistency that can be filed or sawed. The above picture is the felted wire wrapped form. Afterwards, I thought this material would be good to make a form to coat in epoxy resin. I have been playing with materials to see what works for creating larger pieces.


Gina Pruette said...

Hi Thea, I'm a fellow artist branching out into jewelry design and I am so pleased to find your blog! It doesn't seem like many artists work in the fiber/metal space, so it has been great to read about your work and some of your great tips. I especially want to thank you for your tip about Paper Clay! I have been looking for a way to build 3D forms with felt and this stuff works great. I mention Paper Clay in a post on my blog and supply a link to your blog so readers will know where I got the idea. Thanks again! Gina

Thea Clark said...

Hi Gina,

Thanks for letting me know you found my tip useful. Good luck with your work.