Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Do What You Can Do

I can't believe it is March 11! Holy Smoke. I got my Lark Book "30-Minute Earrings", instructions, photos et al. out the door (sigh of relief here). It was a lot of fun to do actually, dissecting a process with the reader in mind. It's what I like about teaching, when you break it down, you can zero in on where the student needs help. 
At this point one has to keep ones fingers crossed that the"accepted" project makes it into the book when all is said and done. Step 1 - lift middle finger over the pointer finger, step 2- curve the middle finger down over the left side of the pointer finger's top joint (see photo).

I've managed to have some play time with enamel. I have  pictures of old work (slide images not even digitalized). I used to incorporate enamel in my jewelry line, but when I reemerged, thinking about shows again, the field was thick with wonderful enamel. I felt the need (I swear no pun intended) to find a different means to color and volume. And so my fiber journey began.

This summer I will be teaching at a very interesting camp so that my small and medium wee ones can attend. In preparation for that, I'm playing with liquid enamels and copper. From my bookshelf "The Art of Enameling" by Linda Darty, among others is full of good tidbits. I'll post some pics when I've done what I can do.

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