Monday, February 23, 2009

Thinking Big, Making Small

Thea Clark, Untitled Pin/Pendant 09- Wet and needle felted wool, acrylic over sterling and copper, 18k, adventurine and moss agate beads.

I have really enjoyed Christine White's book "Uniquely Felt". She studied in Turkey with master felt rug makers and became a proponent of hands on felting. I had been using bubble wrap,  bamboo and netting, the basic tools most often recommended. Following her advice to fold, roll, and pull the felt directly, you can feel the fibers fulling (hardening) under your finger tips. I was able to create the kind of sturdy felt I've been after.

I've been preoccupied with creating work on a larger scale. It has been a process of gathering ideas and momentum. Just jump in, get over yourself jewelry girl! I cleared off my work table, got the above piece out of my system (it called out "I'm small I won't take too long"), ready to go. It will be a good balance to working on the earrings and instructions for the "30 Minute Earrings" book.

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