Saturday, August 23, 2008

Look What I Became!

Well, this pieced morphed from an idea for a pendant (see images @ work in progress post ) into a bracelet. It has a textured silver back that snaps closed and springs open. The mechanism is on the right.

I just got new materials and I'm planning to expand my Habeas Corpus (see June 26 post) series. This work riffs on Oriental textile motifs, integrated with arabic style text, spelling out "habeas corpus". Everyone can appreciate beauty and justice, and can find something to respect in other cultures. In fact, doing so is a uniquely human ability.

The Textile Museum Fall Symposium "Cultural Threads, Exploring The Context Of Oriental Rugs and Textiles", Oct. 17-19, looks fascinating. I wish I could go, however it conflicts with my October show. If anyone in blogland makes it be sure to come back and write about it here.

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