Thursday, June 26, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

                                                      Habeas Corpus Boteh Brooch (2008)
                                    ( look for this and other new work at my fall show)
                                                       photo by Larry Sanders

Tonight was my last class at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey for the spring semester. New students completed their pieces, good feedback, happy they learned more than they expected to and the best indicator, signing up for another class.

Today I tried to post a video my daughter made of my recent open studio. We felt so exhilarated to help each other into this blog world, only to be ( temporarily ) thwarted by a technical glitch. She insists a new computer would solve the problem, would in fact, solve all problems in the known universe. In order to test her theory, I'll need to have a successful show in the fall. Come if you're in the neighborhood, or drive if you are the type to make pilgrimages to far off gatherings of  talented artists. I'll be at the Westchester Craft Show, October 17,18 ,19 in White Plains , NY.
Booth information will follow.  

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